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Using Afterburn Effect Exercises For Abs

Some people consider getting abs the most important thing out of all their fitness goals. This seems to be especially true for guys, most likely to impress the ladies.

Building strong, visible abs is not just for showing off though. It has been proven that strong ab muscles can help reduce back pain, and also act as a barrier to hold your stomach in. This of course gives the flat stomach effect.

When it comes to actually getting visible abs, there are a few things you need to consider.

Fat Loss Comes First

Before I get into the advantages of afterburn effect exercises for abs, you need to identify which of the following applies to you:

  • Do you have a lot of belly fat?

If you have stomach fat in the way of your abs, your main focus should be to lose weight with intense cardio and weight training. It’s recommended that you don’t spend too much of your time on ab exercises until you have reduced your belly fat. Try to do about 3-5 days a week of ab workouts, spending 5 or so minutes on them each day.

  • Is your stomach relatively fat free?

If your stomach is relatively free of belly fat but you don’t have visible abs, your focus should then be to work harder on strengthening and building your ab muscles. You still don’t need to go crazy on them though. Work on them 4-5 days a week, spending 10 minutes on the workouts this time, and do more over time.

The main point being made here is that if you have belly fat covering your abs, you should be putting most of your efforts into losing weight before building your abs. No matter how strong or defined your abs are, they will not be visible if covered in layers of fat!

Afterburn Effect Exercises Can HelpAfterburn Effect Exercises for Abs

First of all, you should be using afterburn training in general for all your workouts if your goal is to burn off fat. Even though most afterburn exercises don’t directly target abs, they will still speed up your overall metabolism so that you actually lose weight faster, and for longer.

You should perform a mixture of cardio exercises and weight lifting, which you can find exercises for here.

When it comes to actually focusing on your abdominal muscles to build them up, it has been shown that good old interval training is most effective. I found a great workout video on youtube that incorporates some amazing afterburn exercises for abs, and even lets you follow along. Check it out:

This ab workout follows a similar pattern to that of a tabata workout, just with slightly different timing. The exercises involved are:

  • Foot-to-foot crunch
  • Alternating abdominal curls
  • Push through
  • Alternating leg raise
  • Arm reaching crunch
  • Leg-up touch crunch
  • Cross arm crunch
  • Double crunch

I know that probably seems like a mental workout to some, but it’s not as bad as it seems due to having long rest periods between each exercise. Both exercise and rest periods last for 30 seconds, which you can alter to your own liking. This workout not only seriously helps build your abs, but it also helps build an afterburn effect too!

Don’t Forget Your Diet!

It sucks but a huge part to burning off stomach fat is to control what you eat. There’s little point in doing thousands of crunches if all you do is eat fast food and drink beer! You don’t have to go insane with your diet though, just try to follow these 3 diet tips:

1. Say “NO!” to fatty foods and drinks!

So this one is obvious, but still worth mentioning. Foods you should stop eating in particular are:

  • Anything fried
  • Crisps (Chips for you Americans!)
  • High in sugar foods like sweets, chocolate and cakes
  • Sodas (I would even apply that to diet sodas as the preservatives have been shown to slow down weight loss)
  • and erm.. beer is particularly bad, sorry!

2. Lay off refined carbohydrates!

Refined carbohydrates are found in foods that have had all/most fibre taken out. This process causes the food to be easier to digest, but this takes away a lot of the nutritional value in the carbs and effectively causes your blood sugar and insulin levels to increase, making you store more as fat. Refined carb foods to watch out for are:

  • Rice
  • Most cereals
  • Pastry
  • Foods containing white flour
  • Bread!
Bread makes you fat!?

It sure does Scotty.

3. Eat more protein!

Increasing your protein intake also increases your amino acid intake. These amino acids (arginine, lysine and ornithiene) help increase the production of Growth Hormone (GH), a hormone that plays a major role in burning calories. You can get protein from:

  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Milk and Cheese
  • Eggs

As long as you follow these diet tips and do lots of afterburn effect exercises, you should start to see clear results after only a month or two. It’s going to be tough, but if you are determined and motivated, you will be well on your way to getting a six pack!

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13 Responses to “Using Afterburn Effect Exercises For Abs”

  1. I absolutely agree what you have told here. I used to train my abs really hard, but I didn’t care about what I ate. Nowadays, since I concentrate on what I eat, I have better looking abs, although I do not do so many workouts. I eat foods which are full of protein, a lot of veggies and I do not eat bread. I also drink soda very rarely. I lost 4 kgs last month.
    Walter @ Ab Machines recently posted…Abdominal Muscles AnatomyMy Profile

    • Karl Peach Karl Peach says:

      Protein is definitely important, and I find fish to be the most healthy. Bread is indeed a big problem for most people, and they may not even realise it. In the last few years I managed to ruin my stomach due to the amount of bread I was eating. I’ve recently completely cut it out of my diet and managed to lose roughly 2 pounds in a week. I WILL see my abs again!

  2. Susan Murphy says:

    Exercise and supplementary food stuffs both are useful for the body in losing the fat as well as in improving the health. It actually liberates the heat energy in the body which is responsible for the loss in fat.
    Sdupplementary products provide ingredients like omega 3 fatty acids and whey protein which is used for digestion of the fat in the body.
    Susan Murphy recently posted…USPlabs Iron Day: Fear No Workout – Session 47My Profile

  3. Ehatever says:

    I have to stop eating ALL of that stuff. Wow that is not worth it at all. Im not even fat but damn thats a lot of good food that i have to stop eating!

    • Karl Peach Karl Peach says:

      You don’t have to completely cut those foods out of your diet. That would be crazy! Just don’t binge on them.

  4. john says:

    i have a concern, i have a belly fat and want to get the abs like iam willing to do it but i dont want to pay money, should this afterburn workouts will helpme?

    • Karl Peach Karl Peach says:

      Any exercise and good diet will help, the afterburn effect method just makes it somewhat faster. You shouldn’t have to pay any money at all. Just set yourself a do-able afterburn routine (30 minutes per day would be plenty), and try to watch what you eat. This in particular to look out for are; beer, sweets/candy, bread and high carb food.

      Check this short post for more on diet: Afterburn Diet

  5. xhan says:

    i have a concern, i have a belly fat and want to get the abs like i want. I lose per week 1kg or 2Kg every week now im on my average weight already. Is this after burn effect? Should i contineu my diet?

    • Karl Peach Karl Peach says:

      Hi xhan, and welcome to the site!

      I would first like to say that losing 1-2 kg a week is brilliant. You are losing weight at the recommended healthy rate, and should be VERY proud of yourself. Good job!

      If you are doing high intense interval training, or similar, then this is most likely a result of the afterburn effect. (ALL exercise gives a at least some afterburn, but HIIT amplifies this).

      You should absolutely continue your diet, as it seems to be working great. And diet is especially important if you want to cut down on belly fat. Remember to avoid too much bread, junk food and alcohol.

      Again, you’re doing great so I really wouldn’t change a thing. The hardest part is just being patient, but you WILL see results. If you’re not already, you may want to start focusing more on weight training.

      Keep up the good work xhan!

  6. Elizabeth Watterson says:

    I would love to do afternurm exercises however i have two total hip replacements iam 53years old and mot allowed to do any impact e xcerise like jump rope sprinting etc could i do hiit with rppes on pulleys type thing please imform me

  7. Guest1 says:

    Should I do tabata workouts and cardio to get rid of belly fat? Or should I just do ab workouts and cardio? I’m lost, please help!

  8. Even says:

    How do I get rid of belly fat? Please help!

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