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The 3 Best Afterburn Workouts

In the world of fitness and exercise, not every technique and method is created equal. People often commit to a workout routine without being aware that there are much more efficient ways. Unfortunately they either just don’t look hard enough, or the information is difficult to find.

This is also the case when it comes to afterburn workouts. You should know that not every type of exercise is suited for afterburn effect training, and some outshine the others by a considerable amount.

So before you put yourself through such intense workouts that trigger the afterburn effect, you should make yourself aware of these 3 best afterburn workouts:

1. Workouts That Use Leg Muscles

I know that a lot of people hate working on their leg muscles, and I won’t argue, leg days SUCK! But in the end we know we have to do them, mainly to avoid having spindly little legs with a large upper body. It looks ridiculous.

The 3 Best Afterburn WorkoutsThe fact is that exercises that work your leg muscles are absolutely killer for triggering the afterburn effect, and consequently for weight loss. This is due to the fact that your legs contain the biggest muscles in the body.

Working on bigger muscles will give your body more work to do (repairing muscle tissue etc), and if your body has more work to do, you guessed it, you burn off more calories.

There are tonnes of exercises that involve the legs so you can take your pick. Some of the better ones are squats, lunges, jump rope and sprinting. I suggest that you exercise all of the leg muscles in one session, as this will maximize the afterburn effect.

2. Compound Workouts (Multiple Muscle Group Exercises)

To quickly summarise for those that don’t know, compound workouts are any exercise that work more than one muscle group. Evidently, the more muscles that are worked on in one exercise, the better. Compound workouts are more intense due to the extra strain they put your body under. I shouldn’t need to tell you by now that high intensity workouts are the key for afterburn.

You will find compound workouts in both muscle building and cardio exercises, and there are lots of them too. Two popular muscle building compound exercises are push-ups and chin-ups. There’s a reason why complete beginners find these two difficult, and that’s because they are super intense. Try it for yourself! Go do 50 push ups and tell me that doesn’t burn!

If you are working out from home, you should check out my previous article on Afterburn Exercises At Home.

3. Jumping!

Who doesn’t love jumping?

That’s right, jumping is up there as one of the best afterburn workouts, or more specifically, any exercise that involves jumping is. What are you doing when you jump? Well technically speaking you are fighting against gravity, and fighting gravity requires your entire body to chip in.

An obvious jumping exercise and favourite of mine is the high knee jump. High knee jumps are done simply by jumping on the spot, raising your knees as high as possible. When done rapidly and continuously, this becomes an incredibly intense exercise and is one I seriously recommend you implement into your routine.

With these afterburn workout methods in mind, you should be better prepared to plan your routine and to include more efficient exercises. As always, you can perform these workouts in supersets (one after another without stopping) to increase your workout intensity even more. And remember; the more it hurts, the more it works!

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7 Responses to “The 3 Best Afterburn Workouts”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Awesome! Thank you for the info 🙂

  2. SAM says:

    Great info. What are the signs that you hit the afterburn effect following the workout. what are the signs the hours or even days following the workout that the body is still in the afterburn effect?

  3. Sam says:

    Hi, so i wanted to ask what exactly are the benefits of the after burn effect and how fast can i start seeing results? I mean since I’m burning calories after my workouts this should have a beg effect on weight loss. Please let me know thanks!

    • Karl Peach Karl Peach says:

      Hey there Sam, and welcome!

      There are 2 benefits that really stand out. These are:

      1. Spend less time exercising yet see quicker results. (However the exercise is far more intense than regular exercise)

      2. The exercise required for the afterburn effect (high intensity interval training) is a lot better at strengthening your cardiovascular system, therefor helping to reduce risk of heart problems etc.

      If you eat properly (no junk food), you can expect to lose between 2-5 pounds a week using this method, whilst only spending 30 minutes to an hour a day exercising.

      But the only way to find out is to try it yourself! (If you are brand new to this method, take it easy for the first 2 weeks)

      • franklin says:

        hi karl

        im franklin im 22 years old

        i have a quastion i am a person in a wheelchair i can t walk besides that evreyting is working fine

        resuring i do alot of resucring about the afterburning effect how to get it

        wat i find is that u must do a combo of resistance trainning and cardio at high intensive level


        the problem that i have is a cant walk so i can t workout as a walking person can


        i do cycling 2 4 times a day for 60 min try to hold the speed at 15 to 20 kmph

        2 times in a week a go to a gym wher i train arms sholders and my stomanche sometimes cycling this is for 115 min when im at home it try to train with heavier weights doing 6 rounds of 15 raps

        im just start with heavvy weights

        also doing wheelchairhockey this is for 130 min

        dieet starting with yogurt and oaltmeal

        2 houres later with to bread with chickenbreast

        2houres later 1 bread with pinutbother

        2 houres my meal

        than go cycling when i get back i eat 1 coup of yogurt with musli and notes and again yogurt before i go to bed

        hight and weight

        im 185 long and im around the 58 60 kg

        sorry for the lot info

        bassiclly my quastion is can u help me how to get the affterburning effect

        or do u think i alreaddy having it with my sport and workouts?

        i hope to hear from u

        thank u annyway


  4. shubham says:

    i am shubham
    i am 18 years old
    i am confused about planing my workout and including afterburn exercises in my workout schedule
    can u please help me out with it
    i want to know how can i plan my workout schedule including weight lifting and these afterburn exercises

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