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Afterburn Weight Training

Afterburn Weight Training

Incorporating afterburn weight training into your workout routine is incredibly effective at speeding up how fast you lose weight. At the same time you are also packing on more muscle, which contributes to raising your metabolic rate.

Weight training is highly recommended by nearly all fitness experts, and you should consider having 2-4 days of the week dedicated to weights if possible.

Below you can choose to view afterburn effect exercises by muscle group:


Afterburn Exercises for AbsAbdominal Exercises >

These exercises for abs will help strengthen your stomach muscles, as well as strenghtening your core. Unlike with most other exercises in this section, you won’t need weights for all of these ab exercises.

Afterburn Exercises for Abs >


Afterburn Exercises for the BackBack Exercises >

Back exercises will help strengthen your core, help with balance and even reduce the risk of future back problems. Your back muscles require the same amount of attention as your ab muscles.

Afterburn Exercises for the Back >


Afterburn Exercises for the ChestChest Exercises >

Other than leg exercises, chest exercises are perhaps the most effective at creating an afterburn effect. Working on chest muscles will make you look big, as well as helping with posture and reducing back strain.

Afterburn Exercises for the Chest >


Afterburn Exercises for BicepsBiceps Exercises >

Although the biceps are often seen as the “vanity muscle”, they are in fact very important for health reasons. Bigger biceps also help take the strain off your back muscles when lifting heavy objects.

Afterburn Exercises for Biceps >


Afterburn Exercises for TricepsTriceps Exercises >

Triceps are often neglected by a lot of beginners, and are often the weakest muscle the beginner has. Strengthening the triceps is very important and you should work on them just as much as your biceps.

Afterburn Exercises for Triceps >


Afterburn Exercises for ShouldersShoulder Exercises >

Bigger shoulder muscles are what gives that desirable “V” shape to the body, and also helps to improve overall muscle stability. Shoulder exercises are almost as effective as chest exercises are for triggering an afterburn effect.

Afterburn Exercises for Shoulders >


Afterburn Exercises for LegsLeg Exercises >

The importance of working on leg muscles is often overlooked by beginners. Don’t make this mistake. Leg muscle exercises create the biggest afterburn effect of all others, and will also help greatly with your balance and stability. These are not to be ignored!

Afterburn Exercises for Legs >