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Afterburn Effect Exercises

Afterburn Effect Exercises – Cardio and Weight Training

The best way to increase your afterburn is by performing specific afterburn effect exercises. An afterburn exercise could be interval-sprinting, burpees, or even a simple bench press.

The two exercise methods used to gain an afterburn are weight training and cardio exercises. In both cases the exercises must be performed at high intensity.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, intense weight training is very effective at triggering the afterburn effect, and therefore helps greatly with weight loss. Performing cardio exercise is also very important however, so both forms of exercise should be done in relatively equal amounts, with cardio taking slightly more priority when trying to burn off fat.

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Weight training is a great method for gaining the afterburn effect, as well as increasing your overall strength and muscle mass. Having more muscle contributes greatly to increasing your metabolism. This is because your muscles require energy to grow and sustain, meaning a lot of fat in your diet goes towatds sustaining your muscles rather than just becoming fatty deposits.

The afterburn weight training exercises have been split into different sections by muscle group. Select the muscle group below:

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Afterburn Effect Cardio Exercises

Afterburn Cardio Exercises >

Traditional cardio exercise is often used by people trying to lose weight, but you won’t find traditional cardio here. To get the afterburn effect, we must take those traditional cardio exercises and pump up their intensity to the maximum, consequently shortening the length of the exercise considerably.

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Afterburn Weight Training Tips

Getting the afteburn effect through weight training requires certain techniques in order to be efficient. First of all you should be lifting heavy weights in all of your exercises, aiming to achieve muscle failure at around 6-12 repetitions.

Secondly, you should mainly focus on performing compound exercises. Compound exercises are simply exercises that require the use of multiple groups. This will essentially force your body to work harder and require more energy intake for your muscles, thus increasing the effectiveness and duration of your afterburn.

Lastly, you can increase your afterburn effectiveness even further by performing supersets. A superset is where you take two or more different exercises and do them one after another, without any rest in between. The exercises within a superset can all focus on one  particular muscle group, or on entirely different ones. That choice is up to you, though it is a good idea to vary your supersets.

Afterburn Cardio Exercise Tips

As mentioned above, you will not be doing traditional cardio exercise. Instead you will be doing your cardio exercises at high-intensity and in intervals. The good thing about this is that you won’t have to spend hours upon hours of boring jogging or on the treadmill. The downside is that the exercises become much more intense and will tire you out very quickly.

Doing cardio exercise in this way is incredibly demanding on the body, so you absolutely must not jump straight into it. Take a couple weeks beforehand and do regular cardio. This way your body won’t be shocked from the intensity of afterburn cardio, and you are less likely to be put off of exercising.

For more detailed information on why you must perform your weight training and cardio exercises in this way, check out this post: How To Get The Afterburn Effect