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Afterburn Training

Afterburn Training – Exercises, Workouts and Routines

Afterburn training is an effective weight loss method, which pushes your body in such a way that you continue to burn off calories even after your workout is complete!

This exercise method focuses primarily on high intensity interval training. This type of exercise essentially forces your body to build up an ‘oxygen debt’, which is paid back once you are resting. During this period, your body will be burning off calories at an accelerated rate, sometimes for up to 48 hours.

In order to take advantage of this amazing fitness technique, you must utilize certain exercises and perform them in a specific way. In this section you will find afterburn effect exercises, afterburn effect workouts, and afterburn effect workout routines.

Afterburn Effect ExercisesAfterburn Effect Exercises >

In this section you will find a selection of the best exercises for kicking in the afterburn effect. You will find exercises for both weight training and cardio workouts.

For weight training you will need to perform compound exercises, and for cardio you will need to focus on high intensity exercise.

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Afterburn Effect WorkoutsAfterburn Effect Workouts >

A workout comprises of multiple exercises which are combined into one vigorous session of exercise. All of the workouts in this section are specifically designed to produce the afterburn effect.

Afterburn effect workouts are meant to be very intense, so you may need to prepare your body in advance before trying these.

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Afterburn RoutinesAfterburn Effect Workout Routines >

Having a workout routine makes it much easier to stick to and keep track of your workouts, but setting one up can be bothersome. Here you will find a number of workout routines tailored for the afterburn effect.

The workout routines in this sections have been made by me based on personal preference, so feel free to change out exercises.

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Benefits of Afterburn Training

The main benefit of using the afterburn training method in your workout routines is that it will greatly boost how much weight you lose from your workouts. You also won’t have to spend as much time working out as you would with other methods, as the afterburn method relies on quick bursts of highly intense exercise, rather than long periods of low intensity exercise.

This exercise method is also great for increasing heart health and strength, due to how much you will be getting your heart rate up. As a result, you will not only be fitter and thinner, you will also be greatly improving your ability to perform explosive bursts of movement.

Words of Caution!Words of Caution

Afterburn training is not something that you can just jump in to due to how vigorous the type of exercise is. You should take care not to push yourself too far, particularly when you are just starting out, and make sure to drink lots of water. If you have never done high intensity interval exercise before, or it has been a while since you last did, you should spend a couple weeks preparing your body with regular cardio exercise and weight training.

Some of the afterburn effect exercises require lots of movement, so make sure you have plenty of room in which to exercise in. You should also take care when using free weights (such as dumbbells), as these can easily be dropped and cause injury. Having a spotter would be ideal but if that isn’t possible, make sure you only lift as much as you can confidently manage.