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About Karl PeachMy name is Karl Peach and I’m a 25 year old living in the wonderful surfer town of Newquay in the UK. By profession I am a part-time writer and website developer.

I’m not a professional fitness instructor, nor am I in ‘super buff’ shape. What I can say is that I thoroughly enjoy exercise and studying fitness techniques. Getting fit and in shape has always been an on-off hobby of mine, but I recently decided to fully focus on working out. I ended up looking into more advanced methods and I would like to share with you all that I can.

A Little About Me

I first got into weight lifting when I was 15 years old, at which point I was literally skin and bone. My step-dad had somehow acquired a multi-gym and simply because it looked so awesome, I felt the urge to try it out. I got hooked straight away and was on it every night after school.

I’ll be honest though, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have a proper routine, I didn’t know about isolating muscle groups, and I had never heard of ‘sets’. Over the years I gained more and more knowledge and learned more efficient ways to exercise. My only problem has been finding the time and motivation to go and actually do it!

The last year has been much better as I’ve had more free time. I went back to studying and working out more and came across the afterburn effect. This method is truly amazing and it helped me get back in shape in just one month, getting rid of my steadily growing beer belly.

(I plan on doing a blog series to follow my routine in the future – this will include my methods and logs of visual improvement).

So Why The Afterburn Effect Training Site?

Back when I was new to the afterburn effect, I went on a mission to get as much information from the internet as possible. However, I found that the information I wanted was hard to find, poorly written and spread too widely. I realised that because I really enjoy writing, building websites and exercising, that I could combine the three and provide an information-rich website for everyone, and that my enthusiasm would be reflected in this site.

Another contributing factor is motivation. The one thing I struggle with is actually getting myself to start and continue a workout routine. I am certain that working on this website and getting involved with my readers will give me the motivational boost that I need.

So You Can Understand

Not everyone who wants to get in shape is a fitness expert, quite the opposite actually. However I notice that a lot of fitness sites use complicated terms and descriptions that your average person would have trouble understanding. With this site I will attempt to describe everything in a way that anyone can understand.

Finally, please be aware:

I don’t consider myself a fitness expert or guru and will never claim to be one. The information on this site is not secret information, but everything is carefully studied and self-tested.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good luck in your exercise journey and I hope you enjoy the site!